Saturday, September 22


I realized this week that what I blog really does affect others. It's amazing how a simple format can reach to the ends of the world (if they have Internet). It's a very powerful tool and one I hope I am a good steward of it's power.

I met Peggy briefly before I moved to Costa Rica. I liked her instantly and we talked about our future dreams. She was going through one of those crossroads in life, trying to muster up the courage to go into business for herself. Being an enterpreneur myself, I encouraged her to go for it and not let fear stand in her way. She did and changed her profession from doing videos of weddings to doing still portraits. Her photography business is called Avant Garde. Peggy also attended every seminar and workshop available to get on top of her craft. I can see from her newsletters, she is a big success. Here is her website with samplings of her work. Peggy is an inspiration.

We don't stay in contact much but Peggy recently wrote me that she read about dancing with Matt on my blog and she drove to Miami to dance with him when his tour was there. Matt will be touring the United States and dancing his happy little jig. I can't believe she actually danced with him.

Now that's cool.


Peggy said...

It was SO cool! I highly recommend Dancing with Matt if he comes to a town near you! The video will be out June 21, 2008.

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks for sharing. I just love it. I will surely go if he comes to Costa Rica!
You're invited to come on down to Costa Rica Matt Harding AND you too, Peggy!

Bob said...

this is GREAT! I think that ANYBODY that moves people like this is worth seeing!
He must be a GREAT show! :)