Thursday, September 27

Cameo Camera

I got caught again with David's camera. David visits my area for the surfshots. I've been walking my dogs pretty regular now trying to ward off being depressed. I've been sick with the flu, been carless (in the shop) and Garmin is killing me (it was over 120 today). I don't even want to pay attention to how far Garmin has risen because I am stuck in put options and they will just expire the third week in October leaving me less $2,500. That makes me very depressed.

I have to remember what a great life I have created for myself and take the good with the bad. I haven't a care in the world when I walk my dogs through the river and next to the never-ending ocean. That's my medicine.

See more of David's photos here. Thanks David.


the frogster said...

I know how you feel. I get bummed out sometimes, and I get sick more than (I feel) is my fair share, and I used to trade options for a living, and got hosed pretty bad a few times. Derivatives are strange animals.

That's a beautiful picture- you and the dogs and the beach.

I added you to my Frogroll. I really thought I already had. Sorry. Anyway, there's some news to chase those blues away! Ta-daa!

Bob said...

I like this pic.....carefree on the beach.
I know depression as well. do whatever it takes to ward it off!.... and be thankful that you wake each day in paradise. See you in November....

TICA MACHA said...

Everything I learned about "Pura Vida", I learned from my dogs.
They know how to live carefree.

TICA MACHA said...

Making brownies always makes me happy so I made a couple of batches and the guy called and said my car was fixed and ready. Nine days with no car! I live kinda in the country.
I feel better now. A trip to Manuel Antonio was just what I needed!
(brownies are for other people, I discipline myself to only eat just a "few")