Friday, September 7

Bohio - A street divided

Bohio is in the heart of Jaco. It's one of the arteries that leads to the beach. The local police station is also down this road to the right on the beach. Bohio has become a street divided with the upcoming Day Star development engulfing practically the entire block. The beach bar, Bohio, is still there and operating but many of the restaurants have been taken out. Suzie Q's was the first to go. They had the best BBQ in town. The Chinese restaurant soon followed by the wayside. Poseidon Hotel and Restaurant is still on Bohio and if you want a good southern breakfast, this is the only place in town. Grits, biscuits and sausage gravy. A rarity in Costa Rica.

Jaco is quickly becoming a town divided. The haves and the have not. The contrast is like night and day.
Is Jaco losing it's charm or are we just now getting up to speed?


Saratica said...

Charm out, speed in.

TICA MACHA said...

I never dreamed Jaco would develop this fast.

Jen said...

Oh my gawd! You can get grits, biscuits and gravy in CR? I am sooo jealous. I would kill for a real Southern breakfast!