Saturday, September 8

Dog alert - Grapes kill, raisins too!

Just the other day I was pitching grapes to "Max", the beastly one, he caught them and of course, ate them. I had no idea they could kill him. He's not dead but he did'nt catch many.
I didn't know grapes were bad for dogs.
By "coincidence" my friend, Trish, sent this link to me about how RAISINS and GRAPES can kill dogs and I'm passing it on to you. Pass it on.


Jen said...

OHMYGOSH! Bear LOVES grapes. He hasn't had them since moving as he prefers the seedless green ones. He won't get them anymore. Maybe they aren't harmful if the dog doesn't know he's a dog?

the frogster said...

Boy howdy. Our dog ate EVERYTHING, including windowsills. She lived for 13 years and shared just about everything I ate (and the windowsills, which I did not eat). Times have changed. I'm trying to eat better, and when we move to a place where we can get another dog I'll try to be more aware about what may be harmful. Are windowsills OK?

TICA MACHA said...

I know what you mean.... my grown puppies recently ate one of my favorite shoes. When they were puppies for real, they ate my bamboo couch and tore up all the cushions during the night. It looked like a sponge factory explosion in my livingroom the next morning. I don't think they swallow.