Saturday, November 24

Black Friday

I never understood what Black Friday was until I got involved with the stock market. It was pretty sad the half-day of trading after Thanksgiving. I couldn't watch since my portfolio is in the pits.

I was actually comatosed from too much turkey and dressing. I way over did it. I made the turkey dressing using the Stove Top mix (3 boxes) but I added my own concoction of finely chopped bell peppers, onions, broccoli and carrots. I cooked it all down in the stock made from the turkey parts and added it to the dressing mix. I used the turkey stock instead of water the box calls for to make the dressing. I added about four slices of cut up toast to soak up some of the juices and then baked it for about 20 minutes. Dawg, it was good. Almost better than the traditional Jiffy Mix cornbread way my family makes it. There were some that didn't like dressing that were eating it and loving it. I've never used peppers or broccoli in it before but hay, I'm in Costa Rica and have that freedom to go beyond conventional.

I watched my fellow N. Americans storm the stores in the U.S. on the t.v. looking for bargains. Where do they get all that MONEY!! Credit cards, no doubt. It's odd to see what the hottest items are selling over there. Stuff we don't even have here. I am free of the frenzy of shopping living here. I buy what I need and as for gifts, my family and friends understand I am living on NO INCOME. Gifts will be small and hopefully, thoughtful. I'm a crafter and this time of year I should shine. We'll see how motivated I get.

Typically, I put up Christmas decorations about now. Living here, I have scaled back on the outside lights as not to be to flashy. I don't need robbers. I now wait for someone to come take my heavy t.v. off the box of decorations so I can get started. I'm in no hurry after all, we are on Pura Vida time.
Happy Holidays.

Photo taken last year in Puntarenas around Christmas time.


JustJen said...

I'm looking forward to decorating our cypress in front of the house today! Got to strappin' young men coming over for turkey who we'll make scale the ladder for their meal. He he he, should be a fun day. Tryin my hand at a pumpkin pie this morning, first ever. Mom says I can't use a graham cracker crust, you said we're in CR, unconventional is US!!!! Anything goes. Wish me luck! If there is a head in the little bag in my turkey I'm going to lose it!

Peggy said...

I always tell everyone that I met you in a Goodwill store. I like thrifty people!

the frogster said...

I sometimes get jealous when I see other people buying stuff willy nilly, but the whole reason the stock market has been so wacky lately is that so many people took out multiple mortgages to pay for bigscreen TV's, and now someone is saying, "Excuse me, but that money we lent you? Can we have it back?" And my wife and I don't have any serious debt to speak of, so I'm grateful for that.

I ate too much too, but my stuffing probably wasn't as good as yours.

TICA MACHA said...

For the first time in my life, I don't owe no SOB for nothing! My Dad was like that, if he couldn't pay cash, he didn't buy it. I wish he was alive to see I've followed his footsteps, FINALLY.
This year I decided the turkey dressing could be improvised. It worked with the added broccoli. I got lucky. I also put hot sauce in the deviled eggs. Nothing bland about my southern cookin!

CRROBS said...

It was soweird at the hypermas seeing Santa of allthings. Gads!