Saturday, November 17

"Where the Streets Have No Name"

"Where the Streets Have No Name" and
"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
These two U2 song titles pretty much sum up our recent trip to San Jose to go see the doctor.

My girlfriend, Trish, and I decided to team up and go get our tests done on the same day at a clinic that came with good references in San Jose. We both were way overdue for these female tests. We had the address of the clinic and phone number and we left Jaco early, in plenty of time to make our appointment.

I've driven that mountain road many times now but somehow, I heated up my clutch and it started sticking to the floorboard. Totally unnerving when big rigs were barreling down on my bumper. The gas stations are few and far between but we found one around the Atenas area. Everything was fine. He said it was just hot so we continued on our venture and I was conscious not to "ride" my clutch. I drove barefoot so I could grab the clutch with my toes and pull it up, if need be.

We both know San Jose just o.k. and had the address but everyone we asked told us that 25th Street was right "here" next to 24th. How on earth does anyone ever get around downtown? Even the locals don't know the system. Come to find out, we were looking on the wrong side of town. Odd numbered streets are on one side of SJ and even on the other. I think I knew that at one time but it was so odd (and foreign) that I totally didn't believe it (or remember it).

The car was parked in the secure garage at Scotia Bank. I'm not sure if we were suppose to park there but we did. Trish has had her tire punctured at one of the local parking lots (by the Embassy) so we felt safer parking at the bank. After walking the streets and asking everyone for directions, we hopped in a taxi and set out to find 25th Street. You have to have nerves of steel to drive in downtown San Jose but being a passenger in a taxi is almost equally unnerving. You just haven't lived until you've taken a taxi through downtown. Nothing can describe "the rush".

We finally arrived at the clinic in the 'bowels of hell' and were 30 minutes late (yes, I know that's a harsh description). The receptionist explained to us in Spanish that when we didn't arrive, the doctor waited five minutes and then left. She would return at 3:30 in the afternoon. Talk about two HOT Machas!!(Machas=blonds in Costa Rica) We both felt like we'd been drug through hell to get there and the doctor couldn't wait for the next appointment at least? To think of all the endless times we have waited for someone in Costa Rica set us on fire. Not to be rude, we just told her we would NOT be back in our best Gringa Spanish.

Another taxi trip back to my car and we were left with the rest of the morning to find something to do with our extra time. Of course, we went shopping. Costa Rica goes all out for Christmas and it was nice to see the Universal store all dressed up.

The trip back home was pretty much uneventful except one 18 wheeler overturned and a couple of side of the road washouts - huge drop-offs. We had picked up a dog in Pavas to return to his Jaco owner so we had to make a few stops for "Mule-e". He had been hit by a car three weeks ago and needed to go there for intensive surgery and recovery. Trish and I happened to be the first one's making that trip so we brought Mule-e back home to Jaco.

Anyone that knows anything about Costa Rica knows it's the paradise paved with potholes. One got me on this trip and I busted something having to do with the suspension/stability. My car rattled the whole way back like the undercarriage was about to fall off. I got out and checked and saw this "thing" that looked 'not normal' but decided it was drivable and not repairable on the road.
Hell bent to get back home before dark, we were.

One thing about leaving Jaco, no matter how "bad" (crime, hookers, drugs, etc.) everyone says it is here in Playa Jaco/Hermosa -
We were both so glad to be done with the trip and be back in our territory. We booked an appointment at CIMA Hospital for the next go around. They speak English and are Gringa friendly there, plus it's easy to get to and near a shopping mall. I'll pay up for THAT!


Saratica said...

What a drag, but sounds like just another day driving in San José! When you have your CIMA visit, let's have lunch at Multiplaza (you can find it easily) or at Bagelman's (close by) or even Don Fernando's (great steak, easy to find). Hope your car is ok!!!

TICA MACHA said...

The appointments are booked back to back and then some more test after a quick lunch. I'd love to visit with you but I'll make another trip for that.

Nora said...

Oh my gosh! There must have been smoke coming out of your ears! I would have been livid.
We have a few busy weeks coming up but I hope you will have time to see me in the beginning of December.
Your Parrita Pal