Wednesday, November 21

Thunder Rolls and the Lightning Strikes

If you live near here or maybe all Costa Rica, you were probably thinking we are out of the rainy season only to be woke up at around 3 a.m. by the worst thunder and lightning storm I've witnessed this year. Talk about ending with a bang! It was so strong, the windows in my house were rattling, a real earthquaker! All my dogs went under the bed for safety. I woke long enough to close some windows and unplug my computer. I fell back to sleep thinking we got off lucky this year. We had more rain than last year but not as much rain as I've seen living here the last five years.

It's turning HOT here at the beach and this little storm was a reminder of what we didn't get this year. Soon it will be "hotter than four-hundred hells"* and we'll be praying for some rain.
*One of my Dad's favorite expressions.

Picture video off YouTube - "Thunder Rolls" - Garth Brooks

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