Wednesday, November 21

Oprah's Favorite Things Show

This was the first give-away episode I've watch since having newly discovered Oprah is televised here on ABC. What a great show. The sponsors supplied every member of the audience with all the items featured. This special show was in Macon, Ga. and Oprah turned on her southern accent. When I get around fellow southerners, the same 'thang' happens to me.

What a great concept. Oprah gets to play Santa and the sponsors get their products showcased. 45% of the population in Macon turn on The Oprah Show everyday. This was Oprah's way of showing her appreciation for this loyal audience. Here is the link to her special show.

My most favorite thing was also the most expensive. It is made by LG ("Life's Good"). I had never heard of LG before moving to Costa Rica but it is worldwide. LG Group was formerly called GoldStar and comes from South Korea. This "wonder frig" has a LCD TV, DVD Hook-up, radio, slideshow for pics, 5-day weather forecast, and 100 built-in recipes. I wonder if the CR version is in Spanish. The cost in the U.S. - $3,799.

What will they think of next? I'll be keeping my old timer frig until it croaks. It doesn't have a built in t.v. or even makes ice but it works and I so appreciate that. Life's Good.

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