Tuesday, November 13

Totally Inspiring

Thank you God for Blogs. What a miracle way for people to connect from ALL OVER THE WORLD. I recently received an inspiring note from a Florida girl who had lived (and surfed) in Costa Rica years ago but her home now is on the Big Island in Hawaii. Just a glance at her blog is a kick in the pants for me. How can one woman do SO MUCH. She surfs, she's a triathlete AND she is a new mom (and I think I have a lot to do???).
She's one of those "Super Moms".
What's amusing is she still dreams of Costa Rica. I still dream of Hawaii. I loved living there. Hawaii is a photographer's paradise but so is Costa Rica.
I need to get busy!
You GO Girl!!! And thanks for renewing my enthusiasm. "Mucho Mahalo"



the frogster said...

I like to run and bike and swim, so every now and then I think about trying to do a triathalon. But then I get done running and I feel like I'm about to die and I realize that I've still got a long, long, long way to go. Kudos indeed.

TICA MACHA said...

Good to see you Frogster. I've never aspired to doing anything like that but I sure do admire people that do! My best workout is walking the dogs to the beach.
I've got a LONG way to go, baby!
(my version of "You've come a long way, baby")

BreeWee said...

Right Back at ya babe! I just started this blog thing after Ironman to keep in touch with some of my supporters ... but it has been a blessing to me in other ways! I actually found your blog on a "gloomy" day, I was crying as my plate of life felt SO full. Seeing Costa Rica photos and reading your storied reminded me to "chill out" and take it all a breath at a time.
THANK YOU! Que Dios te bendiga!