Sunday, November 4

SURF Sunday - "Peace"

This surfer's name is Peace. I knew when he showed up, it would make for some great shots. Lots of color! He is wild on the water and made the bad waves today look rippin!
He's from Limon, Costa Rica and surfs in tournaments. Thanks Peace.


Kate said...

Great shots Teri! I wish I could take photos like you...

Kate in Esterillos

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks Kate. I've been a shutter-bug since I was about 10 yrs. old. This photos represent 40+ years of courting my true love, photography.
-You'd think I'd be better, huh?-
It's a whole new world with digital photography and computers. I finally got the telephoto of my dreams, the Hubble, and I'm loving it!
(can't cha tell?)