Thursday, November 1

"Costarrican Cowboy"

Photos taken at dusk. I had better shots but they were blurry. I'm still figuring out how to compensate for the exposure. Those white dots in the background are lights from the houses on the mountain. That mountain lights up like a Christmas tree at night now. Many houses have been built in the last five years. One day this ranch will be gone, too. It's on the beach.


Peggy said...

Hey Teri,
Have you tried setting your ISO to a higher setting? Your pictures may come out a little grainier, but it will let in more light. For dusk, you may want to go all the way to ISO 800 or 1200.

I love reading your blog!

TICA MACHA said...

Those were shot at IOS400 but it was almost dark and I had 4 dogs in my car barking at the cows like they had never seen one before. I was shooting from my window.
I'll get another chance and next time I'll set it like you suggested. Can't wait for you to get here and give me pointers!!
I want to set up a website similar to yours. We'll talk... Teri