Saturday, January 10


Yes, it's all in caps because when you have felt one, you can feel the fear when the just the word "TERREMOTO" is heard. Trill the r's. Emphasis Moto. It's a powerful word when you know what it means. My dictionary says it's pronounced "tayRaymóhtoh".
Speaking Southern, it comes out more like tar-r-ra mota.

Luckily, we only felt a slight shimmer here in my area but what happened in other parts of Costa Rica, well, I'll let Sally at tell you about it. Great coverage at her site.

I've put a lot of thought into whether I would rather live with Mother Nature's hurricanes or her earthquakes and I long ago decided, I'd rather take my chances with an earthquake. I've lived through hurricanes. Yes, you have warning but I think a TERREMOTO is over fast and with no warning, there's no anxiety (except for the fear of aftershocks and volcanoes blowing).
Pura Vida.

My heart goes out to those suffering now from Thursday's TERREMOTO. Of course you know, if you live here you can take food, water, and money to the Red Cross to help.

SIDEBAR on my blog - Check out "Shake, Rattle and Roll" for updates on earthquakes here and around the world. I'm 'Miss Chicken Little' so I check this often.
Search (upper left corner on my blog) "earthquakes" for past posts on the subject or click here.

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