Thursday, January 1

Happy NEW Year

What a great way to start off the new year. Bright and early, taking a group shot of the surfers down in Esterillos Oeste. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Music playing now is Jason Mraz - "I'm Yours" GREAAAAT little happy SONG!
I heard it again at Los Amigos the other day but I first heard it on Bree's site.
(Thanks BreeWee in Hawaii)


BreeWee said...

Happy New Year! I LOVE that song so much... I actually put it on one of the CD's I sent you!!! Good thing you like it :)

Have so much fun all year long and when I get back there in May (fingers crossed it works) I will be SURE to meet up with you!!

Muchas sonrisas!!

Unknown said...

I like your playlist on the sidebar. Dave Brubeck is great. I actually heard him live during jazzfest in New Orleans. He was an old man then so I don't know if he is still around. Apparently he turned religious, and the concert sounded alot like a Catholic mass much to my disappointment. It was interesting. But not what we wanted to hear. For sure.

Tica Macha said...

Bree - Can't wait for the CD. First "thing" I've received here by mail. I'm excited.
Laurie - I just read about me and grits on your blog. So happy to hear someone shares my enthusiam about grits. Great blog you got there. I looked for the original artist for "Take Five" but couldn't remember who it was. I used that song for a art presentation when I was in college about a century ago!!

Anonymous said...

I liked the song so much I had to buy it...thanks, BreeWee & Macha for sharing it!

katemeri said...

Teri it was so nice to finally meet you in real life after having read your blog for so long! It was great that you came and took the surf photo - it turned out great! Hope we see you back in EO soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Teri
what a classic shot! I think I saw Gidget in your group somewhere, or maybe it was Moondoggie! Brilliant.