Tuesday, January 6

'Best Life Week'

Those that read my blog, know I love Oprah. She's REAL and I admire her for bringing the consciousness OF THE WORLD together with her web cast, t.v. show and radio show, just to mention a few.

This week, it is all about YOUR BEST LIFE. I meant to mention this last week about the shows coming on this week and yesterday, Oprah had a VERY frank talk about her weight gain and "balance" being absent in her life. Duh, the girl works 16 hour days! It was a great kick-off show to her week long series. She did the "Best Life" last year and it was great. Next Monday night, she is having a web cast with Bob Green (I think), anyway, it should be great if you want to learn how to get healthy. THIS THURSDAY, Suze Orman will be on the show and you will be able to download her new book for free. Even Suze, when interviewed, said don't buy the book, wait for the Oprah show!

I don't know why but now Oprah comes on channel 22 (CBS) instead of 23 (ABC) in my area. CBS is also broadcasting the news from South Florida (Miami area). I love it. Finally, I can see what is going on around where I used to live. Makes me a little homesick though.

If you'd like to check out this week's shows on Oprah, go to www.oprah.com and it's all there.
It's your life, go for best.


Costa Rica Baby! said...

I admire Oprah too. What time is she on here? I never seem to catch her show. :)

I did hear about her new life program this year.

I tried to comment earlier on your chore post. I'm going to sneak your idea and put our chores in a more durable plastic container and let my little guys help with a task or two when they misbehave.

(they already have chores, but any extra help, helps!)

Enjoy your day my friend!

TICA MACHA said...

It was GREAT yesterday. All about spirituality. Comes on at 3:00 channel 22 at my house.

TICA MACHA said...

I helped raise a little girl and when she misbehaved, I marked points on the frig. She could erase the points by doing good deeds. If she had points at the end of the week, we did not go to her favorite place, King Richards Amusement park. It worked so well, she started accummulating "good" points for the next week.
I don't believe in punishing kids with work. Work is part of life and it needs a 'positive' attitude.
My mom punished us with chores too.