Thursday, January 29

Win $50,000

Do you have a Dream Photographic Assignment? I saw this on a newsletter I receive from Digital Photography School. They've partnered with Lenovo for this assignment and competition - "The Name Your Dream Assignment".

You can win a $50,000 cash award (to make your dream assignment a reality) plus lots of goodies including a Lenovo ThinkPad W700 notebook computer with Windows Vista, specially designed for photographers.

Submit Your Dream Assignment
The Name Your Dream Assignment organizers are inviting anyone to submit an idea for a never-done-before photo shoot. Everyone will have a chance to vote on their favorite idea, and a panel of judges will select from the top 20 most creative and inspiring suggestions.

Register for Further Details
The competition starts on 3rd March but in the mean time you can head to the Name Your Dream Assignment page to register your name and email address to get updates and information on full competition details and a reminder of when the competition opens.


BreeWee said...

This has your name all over it!

katemeri said...

Sounds interesting - hmmm, something never done before... I'll have to think about that.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I pretty much drew a blank.
I think I'll delete this post.

Anonymous said...

knock knock who's there?

Anonymous said...

Teri, Don't delete yet. Sending you an idea in mail. Bree how long does it take to get mail to Teri?
This is totaly different.

TICA MACHA said...

It's not the time, it's the COST.
Bree's little package was almost $30 and it was all lightweight except for the little Mother Teresa book. I was shocked!!
Thanks for the thought but it's very expensive to send things here unless it's something like a digital camera photo sensor swab (see recent letter to ya).
Good to see you back Brace. Teri