Monday, January 12

Surf Inn Hermosa

Sunday was the Grand Opening of Surf Inn Hermosa and everyone turned out for the tour and garden party. Live music, food and drinks were everywhere. Christina Truitt, the owner of Surf Inn Hermosa, helped form the local Chamber of Commerce in Jaco and has been instrumental in organizing many group efforts to improve the communities in Hermosa, Jaco, and Herradura.

Surf Inn Hermosa is beautiful inside and out. Three levels with the full service restaurant and kitchen on the third floor. The expansive view of Hermosa Beach from the restaurant is breathtaking. A real MUST SEE! There are five units available for rent by the night or week, four units have one bedroom/one bath and one unit, beachfront on the ground level, has two bedrooms and two baths. They are modern, spacious, and gorgeous. There is also a pool cleverly positioned within the structure. The complete project is absolutely awesome and I am so happy for Christina that her dream is coming true. Surf Inn Hermosa is sure to be the landmark for Hermosa and a fun gathering place.

Surf Inn Hermosa - 506-2643-7184
Check out Surf Inn Hermosa website for more info:


BreeWee said...

Darn! I missed the party... ha ha ha... that little place looked like such a fun spot, I had no idea the owner was so focused on helping the community, thanks for sharing that!

Keep the fotos coming, I am missing Hermosa... if the surf pops up be sure to have your camera ready :)

Cheers Chica!

Jorge Vargas J. said...

I had the chance to stay this past Wednesday and Thursday at Surf Inn Hermosa and it is indeed a very nice quaint little place to stay at. Everybody loved it. And I loved the proximity of it to the Backyard Bar where I had a chance to entertain myself and look at the pretty Japanese-American girl-I guess, American for sure- that happened to be there.Go Imperial! The beer of Costa Rica ;-)