Saturday, January 17

Crossing the Street in Costa Rica

Sorry about both sound tracks going at the same time, just turn it down and watch.

Crossing the street in Costa Rica from Peter Krupa on Vimeo.

If you've never tried crossing the street in a big town in CR, you won't appreciate this like we do. "Jay-walking" pretty much doesn't exist in Jaco. We don't have any four-way intersections. I couldn't think of a one. All the main streets end in a "T" or go to no where. We don't have crosswalks because we don't have red lights. I grew up in a town with no red lights and then later when I was in college, they got one real bright red light. You could see it for five miles from Felda coming down HWY 29. In Jaco, people cross the street anywhere, anytime. I doubt jaywalking will be enforced or even recognized.

Note: The Transito Police are enforcing having your Marchamo (car tax) sticker for 2009. I saw the stake-out with the tow truck on the Hermosa-Jaco road recently.


BreeWee said...

That is AWESOME! So hilarious, thanks for the first laugh of my day Teri! ha ha ha ha

Arp said...

I loved it, even with my minimal street-crossing experience there. One intersection in Alajuela was enough ;-)

katemeri said...

Oh my gosh - this is so funny! Been there, done that. So glad I live in a small fishing village where we don't have to deal with this. Crossing the street in Jaco is scary enough - I hate doing it in San Jose!