Tuesday, January 20

The Inauguration of Barack Obama

All the world's eyes are watching the United States right now. I've got on LIVE CNN and watching the coverage as it unfolds.
What a day in history
THIS DAY will be.
God Bless America

Twelve hours later....
I don't know why but I recorded the whole thing. I was even taking photos of my t.v. at different times. Truly an eventful day. The best part to me was "The First Dance" by President Obama and the First Lady at the Neighborhood Ball.
All four DVDs are finalized and I have captured history... and it was entertaining.

In this day of instant communication, I'm sure more people watched than any other inauguration in history. The coolest thing is "The Moment" on www.cnn.com. It's a photo composite of THOUSANDS of photos.


BreeWee said...

Hey, tomorrow is Sunday, can you please bring back the Sunday surf fotos??? :)

TICA MACHA said...

Been a long time, you read my mind. I went out this week and got some photos for you. -t

Richard Wong said...

It was truly a significant day for the U.S. and maybe for every other democratic nation out there. Though I'm not black, I also felt emotionally connected to Obama since I grew up a minority here in California.