Tuesday, May 5

Animal Planet at My House

Yes, I live in a natural wonder. There are animals all around and I do appreciate how very special my piece of the pie in Costa Rica really is. I watched a documentary last night about extinctions (plants and animals) on our planet Earth and the delicate balance in which we live with nature. It got me to thinking about the natural harmony that occurs daily just outside my house. My dogs are still learning to co-exist with my "other" pets. I'll throw up a view pics and explain.
The toads are beginning to pile up around here. I guess the words out, free dinner every night. I initially let a toad hang out on the patio to desensitize the dogs from chasing them. It works but what a mess they make. They are not litter box trained...yet. Actually, they prefer to poop in water. Yes, I was surprised, too. I even play games with their food and lay it out so they follow the trail, and they do. Well, "Froggie" does. His new guest is still learning.

Check out the size on this big boy! You can tell he rarely misses a meal! And no, this is not the same pan as I use to make my brownies. I put a penny in there next to him so you could get an idea of his true size. This is actually his frog pond. He likes camping out in the water on a hot day...

It's pretty much first come, first served around here. I threw out some bananas and the iguana ran over to get his share. The Zanates aren't too happy 'bout that! I can recognize most of the iguanas here because we've had encounters at sometime or another over the course of living here. I've rescued MANY from the dogs. Lots are named 'Chinga' because their tail is missing,,, for now. It grows back. Others have scars around their necks where they've tried escaping the link fence. When they're aggravated, they blow up and get really big and can't fit through the wire. I blogged about it before with a photo...

This iguana is below the spot where a male Zanate (like a crow) hangs out everyday. I've noticed where individual animals have their favorite "spots".

This is really this black bird's tree lately. He's there everyday, watching. I had to cut the branches off one side of the tree awhile back. One day, my paper thin key broke off in my gate lock and I had to climb that tree, go out on a branch and drop onto my property. Piece of cake. I know my fence doesn't keep out robbers and is basically for my dogs/boundaries but I decided to cut off that "door" anyway. Now I can see the interior of the tree.
Today, I discovered WHY that bird watches all day long from that tree. I was trimming another alamendro tree next to this tree and discovered a nest hidden in the center. I never noticed the female zanate (grayish color) until today but she's never far away. I thought I saw an iguana nest up there, too and wondered how that is working out. I guess they have learned to live peacefully, side by side. The male and the female started squawking and freaking out, flying around me so I stopped trimming the tree. That calmed them and they went back on-watch. The nest is still sheltered by the big leaves of the tree.
I HAVE to cut down a big palm tree before it falls on my house during a bad storm. It's not in very good shape and several others exactly like it have fallen recently just outside my property. They were planted in a typical "boundary line" years and years ago. It's home to many birds and I am dreading cutting it down. I call it "The Nesting Palm". I've blogged about it before,,, http://yo-yoinparadise.blogspot.com/search?q=nesting+palm

Here is another momma bird gathering twigs from my foot long grass/weeds. She also has a baby nearby on the ground learning how to fly. He was attracted to my sprinkler and played in the water for over 20 minutes. I noticed him because he was panic peeping LOUDLY right outside my kitchen. I put on the water sprinker to quieten him. It amused him for awhile. It's the first time I think he has ever seen water or a sprinkler head close-up. Kinda looks like a bird, huh? We are now coming out of a very, very dry season.

FINALLY, the mother bird quit concentrating on gathering twigs and came over to check out the situation. I turned off the water to let him dry out and then coaxed him into practicing flying. He got the hang real fast to stay up in the bushes when I let the dogs out much later in the afternoon.

I'll wrap up this animal adventure at my place with a photo of my five-legged Esperanza. They say when you see one of these, something you have been hoping for is coming. Grasshoppers are called esperanza and esperanza means hope. I've blogged about five-legged grasshoppers before because I see them often. What could this mean? I only get 5/6th of my hopes and dreams? Con toda la pata!
I hope you enjoyed my version of Animal Planet and stay tuned for more adventures at Casa de la Macha's!!
This is Pura Vida.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tica Macha
I think that big toad in the pan next to the penny is a girl. You may have a bunch of new little tadpoles soon. Have you done a toad-flip-n-peek-equipment-check on it?

TICA MACHA said...

Yes, SHE is a girl. I call him him. I don't know why but somewhere on my blog she is mating or getting ready to and this little black and scary toad is clenched onto "her". I couldn't separate them.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. You are a riot! Beth.

TICA MACHA said...

You know that commercial "don't leave home without it", well, I've shortened it to just "don't leave home". It amuses me to photograph all the critters.

Anonymous said...

Up north, here, we're mostly entertained by squirrels. They're real cute when they're not chewing thru electric wires and setting our neighborhood on fire. Ours are addicted to sugar. Everyone keeps telling me "they're not supposed to do that", but I guess they didn't read the book on it. They go to great lengths to get to my hummingbird feeder. So I moved it to a place they can't quite get to, even hanging upside down, but they are still able to jump and take a swat at it, and then they lap up the sugar that spills onto our deck.
It's amusing. But I miss the iguanas.

TICA MACHA said...

It's Animal Planet at everyone's house around here. I wanted to take the time to show photos of just a few of the "pets" around here. I have tons of photos because they are my favorite subjects!! Ahhhh, the Lapas!
Pura Vida!

Anonymous said...

It is rather interesting for me to read this blog. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon.

TICA MACHA said...

You're welcome! It's always animal house at my house. The squirrels are now cleaning out the nuts from that same almond tree.
I love waking up to the sound of birds greeting the day. It's late afternoon now and the Lapas have gathered in the trees to feast on the almonds, I hear them squawking.
It the closest thing to paradise I know.
I just got some awesome close-up of a scarlet macaw in that same tree. I shall be posting THAT!

Anonymous said...

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