Tuesday, May 19

Riptide Tuuuuesday

If you haven't been to Jaco Beach in a couple of years, you may be surprised to see how it has expanded, upwards. I saw the Coast Guard out in the bay this weekend trolling. I didn't know until later that they were actually searching for a student that was missing.
Read story here: http://www2.tbo.com/content/2009/may/18/search-continues-missing-usf-student/news-breaking/
I've said it before but I'll say it again,
"REMEMBER WHERE YOU ARE!!" Be safe and remember, we have strong riptide currents here.
O.K., Blogger wins, I downloaded this pic several times, several ways and it still comes up sideways, so there, I'm done. I've lost my patience. I just wanted to post a pic of a postcard of Jaco taken only a few years ago. I still love you Jaco, even though "you've gotten too big for your britches!"

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Jen said...

Too funny, the sideways photo. I still can't get the crop tool to work how I want it to in PS. Yes, I can go to the links you sent me and figure it out but then I wouldn't have this time to comment! :)