Thursday, May 28


Celebrated America's Country Music Artist of the Decade, George Strait. The show aired last night on CBS and Garth Brooks had me in tears when he turned over his 10 reign as ACM Artist of the DECADE award to "King George" and said with all sincerity, "I LOVE YOU GEORGE".
We all do. He's one man that can just stand there and sing and you are mesmerized.

Photo taken of The Troubadour off my telvision.
I love you George.

Today is my mom's birthday. It's hard to believe she would have been 81 years old. My how time... slips away. She was 62 years old when she died of cancer. I STILL miss her. She loved George,too.


Anonymous said...

If you could find out how George Straight managed to avoid the common pitfalls from having "rockstar" fame, money and temptation you could bottle it and sell it. Agreed, George Strait is THE MAN. Thanks for "Georgifying" me today!

TICA MACHA said...

He's a role model for anyone.

Anonymous said...

Love you first.
Love George second.
Keep on blogging,

Anonymous said...

The show the other night was great. I liked the part when he relized that it sounded more like a farewell. He said "Hey wait a minute I'm not going anywhere". He is the best. Teri, could you plese spell for us the sound that the alarm was making the other night? I'm still laughing about that post.
P.S. Play Last In Love it's a good one.

Carol said...

Nice, Teri! I loved it too, and still get shivers when he sings!

Anonymous said...

I recall – my daughter who is now thirty-five yrs old, was eighteen and her then high school sweetheart stood, camped out in line waiting to buy tickets to George Strait for two days. Another time they camped out again to wait for the ticket sells for Garth Brooks. Being the understanding mother I was (because I thought George was pretty hot also), I made the necessary food runs back and forth from McDonalds etc. She still talks about that experience of waiting in those lines with all the other fans and the shows were worth every minute and dime they spent. My closest experience was one Mothers Day she took me to see Vince Gill – who I love also.

Paula Summers :D

Anonymous said...

Like the way you cowgirl-up on the tunes,your holdin the riens just about right