Wednesday, May 20

Wonder Wall Wednesday

Above - the "before" photo of the wall project for the preschool.
Below - The wall sealed and dedicated to the kids.
This was a group project of the Central Pacific Women's Group.
Kudos ladies!!

It's DONE.
Now, onward... to other ways of helping our adopted school.
Detailed photos of artwork are here:

There's a little boy out there that loved my post on the painted cows. His mother left a comment on YO-YO telling me how much she appreciated it. The boy has autism and connected with the cow photos. I loaded MORE cow photos from all the places the cows travel after I got her comment. (Comments motivate me)
I hope that little boy sees this link. 'Slideshow' is down right now or I'd put a slideshow instead... later


BreeWee said...

LOVE the fotos of the day... that school looks a million times better! Amazing what some paint will do...

Looking forward to the Surf Sunday :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Good job.

(¯'·._.·JeηЯeη©®·._.·'¯)™ said...

WOW! What A SPECTACULAR JOB...Sooo Much More Alive With Vivid Color!! :D
Btw, I am a brand new Costa Rica expat blogger and you should follow me on Blogger, I am already following you on here, lol! Here is my link:
Thank You Bunches! Jen

Jen said...

Great job. Looking forward to seeing what you all do next!