Monday, May 25

Day for Remembrance

These are some old postcards from the Arlington National Cemetery. I remember visiting Washington D.C. on a high school field trip in 1973. I have photos buried somewhere of the endless rows of headstones. It is a solemn site that leaves one speechless.

Costa Rica does not have an army and of course, Memorial Day is not observed here but as an American, this day could not pass without my observance.

For more information:

Sidenote: North Korea conducted it's second underground nuclear test.
"All hell is fixin' to break out now."
Read about it here.


Anonymous said...

hey, good to see you are having agood time in costa rica....i've been to costa rica two times....the first time i stayed in punta arenas, that was the year that reagan was in c.r. and his stay screwed up my vacation cuz they closed the airports....ugggh
the second time i stayed in the capital. a long story but once again i had bad luck and had to leave early.....i've been living in hawaii for the last 9 years in retirement......i hope everthing is going well with you in costa rica.....i just finish a short blog about a woman that sailed across the sea of cortez from puerto cortez to conception bay in baja.....interesting, but not much longer than this letter...ok, i hope to do some more of your blog and maybe read some more about americans in c.r. adios, e buena suerte bob honolulu

TICA MACHA said...

Back in in early 80's, I lived in Honolulu and loved it. Problem was, my husband found a girlfriend so we left and went back to Florida. That hidesight is 20-20, sometimes I wished I'd dropped him and stayed but then, I wouldn't be here, would I?
Nice to hear from you Bob in Honolulu!!