Monday, May 18

Hang On Monday

PERSPECTIVE - Which are you,,, on the outside looking in or the inside looking out?
It's all about perspective.
This photo reminded me of the "Hang in There" poster. This is the green iguana that hangs around outside my house lately. I just love his colors!
This is for all those (like my sister, Leah) that has an office job from Monday through Friday, hang on,,, it will be happy hour Friday real sooooon!

To my readers: I've run out of stuff to say so I will be hanging photos on YO-YO this week, hopefully.


Blog Bloke - Helping You to be a Better Blogger said...

I'm hanging in there. Just got myself a new camera - a Canon SX10IS, so I'm Iguana hunting too. Besides being great pets they keep the roach population in check.

Take care sweety.

TICA MACHA said...

Take note new bloggers, the link to how to do it is in the comment above. Good to see you here Bloke. Missed ya. -t

Jen said...

Any idea what kind of iggy this is? Looks like he's got a neck like the Jesus Crist ones. I like how he's looking in...scoping things out.