Friday, May 22



asylumboss said...

I don't imagine that TGIF matters to you anymore with this beautiful life you live! Live it for all of us, because some of us may never get around to living our dreams...*sigh*
but we sure try! :)

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks for your comments. It wasn't easy getting here and I am still adjusting and learning.
I consider myself the fortunate one because I went against the odds and did what I wanted to do, without support. They all thought I was crazy to move here.
Now, I don't hear from those folks.

It's another world here on 'somedays' but I am happy I got what I wanted and get to live my dream in peace.

barry said...

hola teri..its funny how the days blend together when you are on tropical time,,I had to rethink... we used to use dates for mental status eval in the ER .. and in less than 3 weeks over in Ambergris caye I missed the correct day 3 times,, sheesh glad I wasnt in an ER,, would have had so many CAT scans glowed in the dark.. but still worth it to live on Island Time.Keep Well amiga