Sunday, May 24

Surf Sunday

Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica
Joan Armatrading playing on TeriTunes.
I post photos, songs, and words to evoke emotions from my readers when viewing YO-YO with the hopes that YOU will leave a comment. I'd also like to hear from readers what they would like to see here on YO-YO. An average of 80 people view this site everyday, I hope someone will leave some suggestions. It's easy to leave a comment, just click onto "comments", say what you want and then sign your name, post as "Anonymous" and it will go straight through. Or post your URL to link back to your site with your comment. It's EASY and I need your motivation right now to keep posting.


Anonymous said...

Hey Teri
Thanks for the sharing gifts of your beautiful backyard! The tunes you played today are very cool and will be added to my library. Just when I think that I've heard most (or alot, anyway)music, you smack me "upside the head" with Joan Armatrading and that Sandals track from the Planet Surf album.

TICA MACHA said...

I had totally forgotten about Joan Armatrading until her song popped in my head and wouldn't leave. She was one of my favorite when I was in college. -t

BreeWee said...

So beautiful...
Let's trade places for a Sunday :)

Jen said...

Tunes don't load with my dial-up, too slow but I love the beach pics!!!

Ines said...

Hi :-)

I just love the first picture of your post. Its so beautiful.
No suggestions, I enjoy reading your blog and like the pictures.

Love from Germany, Ines

Anonymous said...

Hi Teri, I found your site while searching on living in Costa Rica. I like to see the pictures & anything about the local area. You take great photos, I really enjoy them. I plan to visit Esterillos in Feb'10 & hope to meet you. My friends sometimes stay at Soda Mary, Cailin & Shawn. They are in your New Years Day '09 photo.

TICA MACHA said...

Great to hear from you. Did you see Brett's site - Soda Mary Surf?
The link is on my sidebar under website sharing. Thanks for your comment.

Blog Bloke said...

Beautiful pics. You should get travel agencies to promote your blog to potential tourists/immigrants to the area. It might be a market for you.

Keep adding the keywords "Costa Rica", "Costa Rica pictures" and anything else in your posts you think that Googlers are looking for that's relevant to your blog. Adding a few keyword meta tags won't hurt either.

"Teri's Costa Rica"... keep up the great work sweety. You're doing fine.


wolfie_cr said...

Since you are asking for comments I will just say that looking at some of your pictures help me with my blood pressure.

Its one thing to live at the beach and a much different thing to live in this thing called the Central Valley :-s

Love your pictures and thanks for sharing

TICA MACHA said...

That's inpiring and something I can work with. Tranquil photos...