Thursday, May 21

Oprah Thursday

Who am I kidding, it's Oprah day everyday at my house (even on weekends on DVD). The dogs know promptly before 2pm every weekday I announce "It's Oprah Time" and we all go upstairs, turn on the t.v., a/c, close windows, shut doors and check out for one entire hour. My friends know not to bother calling during this hour, I won't answer. We are in a vacuum, immersed in whatever Oprah has going on today. TODAY, it was "Where in the Skype are You" and Oprah was skyping all over the world. Jetson style!! It made me want to get hooked up to Skype! It's such a cool tool. Oprah had a aw-ha moment when one skyper was using their set-up furnished by Oprah to educate schools about Antarctica. She realized she could use it to teach her girls at her school in Africa.

This has been a great week on Oprah. Monday, The Most Talented Kids, Charice was Great, again, and then on Tuesday, "Heroes in Hard Times". Generous hearts found all over the U.S.A.
"What Can You Live Without" on Wednesday. It was fun to watch families go through withdrawals when the Oprah crew took away all the electronics in their house for one week. It proved how families have become disconnected when they check out with their "gadgets" on a habitual basis.

I'm typing this and Craig Ferguson is doing a bit about Oprah right now... I must be onto something. I had planned to post "Thankful Thursday" but I had to give it to Oprah and this week's line-up of shows.
I'm thankful for Oprah...
AND Cesar Millan. I am so impressed with his shows. This past Tuesday's show was the best ever! I learn so much! Not a day goes by that I don't ask someone if they've seen his show on Animal Planet - El Encantador de Perros. Cesar Millan has changed the way I handle my dogs, completely. They're happy, I'm happier.

When is Cesar going to be on Oprah??


Jen said...

I actually wrote to Cesar Millan about coming to Costa Rica. Had you and the fighting dogs in mind. Unfortunately his site is SO commercial and he's so BIG now he'll never get my email. I got an email telling me so. I shouldn't have gone there. Sad but that's what happens. Oh well, I still LOVE the show and the tips on trainging myself. My dogs are not the problem. :)

TICA MACHA said...

Same thing happened to me when I was pleading for any help with my dogs. That's before Cesar's show had been on for very long. I finally GOT IT by watching his show and subscribing to the dogwhisperer newsletter. I blogged about Cesar and one of the producers commented. Do you have a success story? They are looking for them. I have writer's block. Check out his site, it's pretty big. You'll find the "send your success story to Cesar" link.
Yes, I want Cesar to come to CR, too but he's the man in demand!!