Saturday, March 31

New Laws

I have to elaborate on this law in Costa Rica regarding items stolen valued under $484. are considered a misdemeanor. The law states "c250,000" colones which TODAY is $484.00. According to the article in the Tico Times, they tried to reform that law THIRTEEN years ago, when probably c250.000 was worth $2000.00. Just 7 years ago, c250,000 exchanged to about $800. Most Ticos know this law but few gringos do. My Tico-pedia, Marco, told me about this law. He thought it was $200. No damn wonder every one steals here! They just get a fine if caught and hardly anyone gets caught. You have to have proof (witness it and prove it) to have someone arrested. That article in the Tico Times shows just how inept the system is.

They've enlisted the help of the University of Costa Rica.
God have mercy and God Bless Costa Rica.

Postscript: I started blogging Aug. 2006. My first posts were about robberies, chasing down robbers "once upon a time" in my big ass SUV, putting up bars, fence and whatnot. I've got a plan for would-be robbers/attackers. If you check back under August 2006, you'll see that's about all I blogged about when I started writing. I was on a mission to get the word out. Mostly, REMEMBER WHERE YOU ARE.

I called my blog "Yo-Yo" for a good reason, I am reminded everyday that I am on my own here and the support, comfort, and safety I felt back "home" (good ole USA) is LONG GONE.
Welcome to the Wild West where you watch your back and use back-up.


Saratica said...

Honestly, Teri, you've got to stop beating around the bush and just speak up!!! I'm listening...

TICA MACHA said...

I have many Tico friends, geniune people indeed, so it is impossible for me to point fingers. If I did, it would be to the Columbians living here. They are from a violent country where violence is normal. Ticos are non-confrontational and usually non-violent. We also have a REAL DRUG problem here.
I'm not sure what you mean about beating around the bush 'cause I do speak my mind. I try and keep a positive slant on Costa Rica because I really do love it here. I am just taken back about the escalating violence and damn sure don't want to feel like a sitting duck!
Law reforms ARE DEFINITELY in order but things move so slow, it will probably take YEARS! A much quicker process would be Vigilantes! The problem is the CRIMINALS have no fear! A few traps set, the tables turned and maybe THEY would think twice about WHO IS THE VICTIM!