Monday, May 12


Note: Before you view the clip, pause the music on the Playlist ("Teri Tunes" on the left sidebar). I know,,, what a pain but you have to hear this girl.
If you haven't heard of her, YOU WILL.

Usually, I get chills when I hear a great singer.
Today, on Oprah, Charice Pempengco brought tears to my eyes... and chills, she's that GOOD
and she's sooo young for such a big voice.
Oprah had some amazing kids on her show today. Check it out at and
watch for Charice Pempengco, she flew 15 hours to be on the Oprah show and delivered like an old pro.
I hope you were watching OPRAH today! :)
("step AWAY from Oprah" as my surfer friend, New Mexico Mike, tells me - but I just "cain't").


Anonymous said...

Teri, That girl can sing. Did you also see her on the Ellen D. show? That was amazing. I use to sing like that in the shower, but the neighbors kept shuting off the water. Still have'nt figured out just why they would do it. Oh well, hope your doing well. As always your photos are great. I wonder how all of us nice people are going to repay you? I bet we come up with something. Thank You, Brace

Arp said...

omg - that voice is UNREAL. wow. What a contrast to the overproduced pap that's passed as music these days. It reminds me of a VH1 'Divas' concert a few years ago where Mariah Carey and a couple of others had their turns, sounding pretty good, until Aretha's turn, when you realized what 'good' REALLY was. This girl could belt out 'Respect' and do the song justice.

sHaWna in Costa Rica baby! said...

WOW! It's interesting to me how she has the characteristics of a mature women brought up in the states. (not a sweet little girl from Asia) Very impressive.