Monday, September 11


Today, CNBC is covering the events of 911 that changed so many lives five years ago. The sequence of events are as fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday. We all watched it on t.v. in absolute disbelief/horror and we ALL remember where we were when it happened.
It was THAT kind of news. It affected our core Spirit.

For me, it was life changing. I had thought it might be a good time to move out of my country when I saw the USS Cole hit while I was visiting Costa Rica in Oct. 2000. A chill ran through me that I cannot describe. When I saw the Twin Towers go down, I KNEW my days were numbered in the U.S.A. I was still in the States when the first anniversary of 9/11 rolled around and I remember American flags on every house and every car in my town. I wasn't there for the second anniversary.

It made me realize again how brief life can be and I wanted to make sure I lived my dream before my time came. Terrorism affects the world but here in little Costa Rica, I don't feel as threatened as I did living so close to the ports in South Florida.

I would hope that my Fellow Americans are honoring this memorable day by flying Our Flag of Freedom - LIBERTY and JUSTICE. In my mind, we all join hands and say a prayer for those lives that were needlessly taken.
You are remembered.

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