Tuesday, September 26

Doing the Mountain

Today is the day my friend returns to Costa Rica after having spent a couple of months in the States. I volunteered to pick her up at the airport. SHE KNOWS, as I, that THAT is a big deal. It's so great to see a friendly face when you come out of those glass doors at the airport. All the taxi drivers are lined up at the front saying "Lady, lady, need a taxi". There's probably 50 of them.
She has been that friendly face for me as well, many times.

It's only a two hour drive (if there are no obstructions or delays) but for someone from the Florida Flatlands, it's a huge rollercoaster with plenty of perils. The driving here is incredible and mostly takes a lot of nerve. The buses swing around the hairpin corners with the back-end of the bus in your lane. I've learned to go slow doing those mountains.

It helps to have the right tunes on. I play some kick-ass Southern Rock and it gets me there. The trick is to drive with no fear, just drive like you know where you are. I am hoping it doesn't rain because it causes people to drive crazy. They drive faster and take more chances passing cars. Wish me luck.

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I see that you are no longer having problems with images. The blog is looking good too. Well done!