Wednesday, September 20

The Jungle

When I first moved into my house, I was unnerved by the sound of a woman screaming every night. It was a very eerie sound and I felt helpless not being able to offer any assistance. The sound came from far away, up in the mountain.
I asked my neighbor if he had heard the same cries and he explained that sound was
Howler Monkeys!

I was astonished and relieved. It sounded just like a scream from a human!

Now, with all the construction, I don't hear it very often. I do happen to see White-faced Monkeys ever now and then. They come down from the mountain and I see them crossing the highway. There are tons of these monkeys that live at Manuel Antonio National Park just south of here. The monkeys are very tourist savvy and will steal your food out of your bags. They get down right aggressive when you take it away from them. The best time I think to see the monkeys is late in the afternoon when they come down to the trees at the park beach to see what goodies were left behind. They are truly fascinating and I could watch them all day.
-photo taken at Manuel Antonio National Park

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