Tuesday, September 26

I feel in love again

It happened as I was having my breakfast this morning on my trip to the airport.
First, let me say I drove that mountain like a champ today. I've learned quite a bit about driving that mountain. Like downshifting, not riding my brakes, taking it slow. I didn't know what "use compression" meant when I first bought my car. The signs are in Spanish and it depicts a truck declining a mountain, not a car. After a couple clutch replacements and a few brake jobs, I understand those signs now.
The traffic going to the airport was very light. Only a few hazards...trucks loaded down with materials driving at a snails pace, workmen on the road picking it out and other workman spreading asphalt. I saw one old man almost get hit by a car. He was crossing the major highway like it was some country dirt road. Traffic stopped to wait for him to cross. The things you see when passing through all these little pueblos. I managed to get past all the twists and turns and finally, up on the mountain, there is the Mirador Restaurant.
I've always wanted to stop there, So I did.

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I was the only customer there so I walked around looking at everything while waiting for my food. They set my breakfast down at the most choice spot in the entire restaurant.
The view was breathtaking, it stretched all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The breakfast was perfect. The background music set the mood (instrumental, Witney Houston's - "I will always love you"
in The Bodyguard)...
AND then it happened, I felt in love with Costa Rica all over again.
I remembered those old time feelings when I first visited here and couldn't wait until the day came that I was actually living here. I soaked in the view and forgot about all the day to day downfalls.
I was totally swept away with the indescribable magic of Costa Rica.

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