Monday, September 18


These prehistoric looking creatures are all around where I live. Before all the dogs and the fence, I used to feed them fruit and they would come right up to my door practically. They love pineapples and papaya. I've had my fence (and dogs) for over a year and they still come to hang out in the Alamandra tree. This is a real trick because they have to get pass the dogs. The dogs try to climb the tree but resolve to wait for hours for the iguana to come down. These iguanas are smart and they out-wait the dogs. I'm not sure how but every now and then, the dogs catch an iguana. Some are as long as four feet! They catch them by the neck. The iguana will play dead which gives me time to rescue it and put it outside the fence by the river. Some iguanas get away leaving their tail, those I name "Chinga" (tail-less). They have fierce tails that whip their opponent and their talon-like claws can dig in deep. My Max (alpha dog) has scars under his neck from catching iguanas. Once they chased a HUGE iguana inside my house. It was the size of a small alligator!
So far, I've escaped injuries from my rescues. The trick is to grip them behind the neck (like a gator) and HOLD THAT TAIL.
F.Y.I. Costa Rica offers many challenges.
I would never dream I could catch an iguana.

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