Thursday, September 28

Playing Tourist

It's fun to be The Tourist. I have some girlfriends visiting here from Ohio and it's been great hanging out with them. We did the zipline at the Chiclet Tree Canopy Tour (more photos by Andres). "Our group" was just us girls and the guides. We were zipping from cable to cable without much time to catch our breath. The BEST canopy guides and Andres, the photographer, is totally talented.
It was FABULOUS and a what Rush....
ripping through the trees!!
Absolutely gorgeous view, the zipline is way up in the mountain overlooking Hermosa Beach.
Oh, what fun!!

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Gringa Beth said...

Hola Macha! It's your "Friends from Ohio". We second your opinion on was the best canopy tour we've done, and Andres is an exceptional photographer). We're sitting here pura-vida-ing and missing paradise already...Hasta Pronto, Beth & Chris.