Saturday, September 2

Photos of the River Rock Quarry

You can buy rock at the "ferreteria" (hardware store) in town OR you can go out to the quarry at the river (where the store buys THEIR rocks) and get it direct for less than half the price. It's great buying the rocks direct because it's fresh out of the river and has NO ANTS.

When I arrived a guy, with muddy bare feet and speaking only Spanish, was there to greet me. I was prepared and had brought a Tico (male Costa Rican) with me to explain what I needed and hopefully, "negotiate" a good price. I thought I had my bases covered by taking a Tico with me. I still ended up getting too small of a rock with the first delivery. ("Trucos!!") I needed to return and order one more load of bigger rocks.
Mo' money, mo' money.

"El Jefe" (the boss) was on site the second trip and this time, I brought my worker with me, Jose.
Jose is Nicaraguan, the best worker I've known here.

The guy on the mule is also the operator for the dump trucks and backhoes. They are very economical here and he uses his mule to get around the quarry.
"El Jefe" is the guy on the left.

This is just the start of "The Rains" here in Costa Rica and even with these precautions, it will still be overwhelming when the rain comes down in full force.
Note: This is an addendum to my "T.G.I.F." post yesterday.

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