Sunday, September 10

Tope and Bull Rides

I went to my first authentic Tope today way up in the mountain at Mata de Plantano. It was pretty incredible and much to my surprise, not much is on the internet about Costa Rican Topes. People come from all around and ride their horses in the Tope. It's an all day festival, ending with the bull rides. The money raised helps the school of Mata de Plantano. I saw Real Cowboys and some beautiful horses! "Puro Tico" - I was the only blonde so I stood out like a three-headed martian. Everyone was happy to pose for the camera and the misplaced Gringa. I have loads of photos.
Check out this Link of Photos. When you get to the "Flickr" link, click onto "View Slideshow" (on top right) and enjoy some
PURA (Pure) Costa Rica.

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