Saturday, September 16

The Art of Procrastination

Yes, it's an art or in my case, I have perfected it to a science. I find the longer I wait to complete a project, the more proficient I am at completing it. Go figure. Living here in the "Land of Mañana" has helped me to hone this delay tactic. In Costa Rica, when someone tells you "Mañana", it doesn't necessarily mean "tomorrow". It just means not today.
I always dread taking my continuing education course to renew my Florida real estate license. I go through this every two years and every two years, I wait until it's almost overdue. Today, I got crackin' and cracked open the book to study for the exam. It didn't take near as long as I had thought and I had my test graded on-line. Modern technology makes it soooo simple.
I passed and all this before noon today. PURA VIDA!
FYI - You don't need a real estate license to practice in Costa Rica.

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