Wednesday, September 13


When I first started visiting Jaco (2000), it was a sleepy little tourist town. Not much traffic, not many cars and hardly no new condo construction. Banco National was being rebuilt and one new shopping center in the central. NOT ANY MORE. In six years, I have watched Jaco grow so fast that I can't imagine "WHOM" is going to buy all these condos now being built! It's like my hometown in South Florida, after hurricane Andrew. They came in droves and built to the limit. We now have so many projects going up here, it would be difficult to count them all. And a new hotel, Ramada. I saw a huge billboard for it.

In the years 2000-2003, you could actually ride your horse down main street and it was perfectly calm. People were on bikes and walking, we had a fourth of the taxis we have now, and about half of the current auto traffic. There weren't many SUV's and only a few buses. I really don't remember WHEN I realized I wouldn't be riding horseback through downtown Jaco anymore. It's now illegal to ride your horse on the beach but some still do. Mostly, Tico horse tours. They do allow cars to park on the beach during over-flows like Easter holiday, etc. but normally, it's prohibited ($20 fine).

Time sure does change things and the little Jaco I knew, is no longer here. Even the type of tourist have changed. It used to be families and couples, some surfers. Now it's a lot of men looking for a good time, fishing and "what-not" (prostitution is legal).

It's a little sad to see the same thing happen here as what happened in South Florida. The North American investors (i.e., United States) are here in full force, building a New Jaco. The reasons I moved here are slowly fading. Progress is good but the by-product could cause me to move farther South in search for the Real Costa Rica.

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Cindy said...

I spent a week in Jaco back in 1995, and, yes, I rode my horse on the beach and through the town. It just saddens me to hear about all the influx real estate, build, build.

Love the pics of Taco.

Enjoy reading your site. Very cool and inspirational.


TICA MACHA said...

Thanks for your comment Cindy. I didn't think the comment button was working! I am hoping BetaBlogger gets it together and I can post photos normally with my blog. Pictures are worth a thousand words. No one has time to read through a wordy blog. Pics helps it go smoothly.
Thanks for your kind words. Macha

TICA MACHA said...

Omar Cruz and the rest:
You can be sure I will erase any advertising posted on my blog.
Just don't do it.

TICA MACHA said...

Omar.... you did it again!