Thursday, September 21

Lapas Mate for Life

The Lapas fly pass my house everyday. These are beautiful Red Scarlet Macaws and they fly two by two. The flock of Lapas that pass my house has an odd one though. I sometimes see him flying solo or with two others but he's always with the group. They like the nuts from the Alamandra Tree and since I have one in my yard, sometimes they flock to it. My house is two story so I have a perfect view of them in the tree next to my window. It is an awesome sight.

You can always tell when it's mating season because of the ruckus they create. I've even found one of their tail feathers at the bottom of the tree. On one side of the feather, the colors are iridescent.

You can't help but notice them when they pass because of the loud squawking sound. My African Grey parrot, "Hootie", flew away last January so I always look up to see if maybe he has joined the Lapas.


Faye Pekas said...

Hi Tica

Thanks for visiting my blog. It must be a wonderful sight to see these bright colored birds flying by. They make the sparrows around here look pretty drab.

Sorry about your parrot. Home he does come home someday.

Saratica said...

Your blog is looking so good! Love the Lapas article and the links. Sorry to hear about your parrot, but it's nice to know that he is roaming wild and free in such a beautiful country, yes?