Monday, September 25

McKee Project

The McKee project had their bake sale this week and raised over $1000 from the generous contributions of supporters. The McKee project has been helping animals in the Jaco area for years and you can see the difference they have made in our community. When I first came here in 2000, there were stray dogs everywhere. You couldn't sit at a restaurant without them coming up and begging for food. It was heartbreaking to watch these dogs comb the streets for any scrap of food. Many were hit by cars and only the "streetwise" survived. The McKee project has found hundreds of adoptive homes for these abandoned dogs. They also help poor families with the cost of neutering their pets and educating the public as to the need in vaccinating animals.
The bake sale is part of a fund raising drive to finance Jaco having an animal shelter and clinic. If you would be interested in helping, just contact me, I'll be happy to connect you with the McKee Project Group.
Keep up the good work girls!! YOU do make a difference.

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