Sunday, May 25

Art Sunday

This weekend kicks off the first annual Jaco Arts Festival. I was by there yesterday when they were setting up the tents and bulldozing dirt on the grounds. We are getting rain nearly every afternoon now. I would have chosen for it to be held in end November or December (dry season) but no one asked me. Also, I would have elected for the entry fee to be much less that the $160. they are requiring. I am totally delighted that our community is supporting such an event and I hope to participate in the future.

For now, I will support the one artist that ISN'T a part of this event, Carlos Galli. Since I've been coming to Costa Rica, I've seen his work on murals and have been amoured with his talents. Galli chose not to participate in this event but his collection of work will be circulated around the schools for the children to view in the form of a computer slideshow presentation by Mike Williams of You can see the slide show at If you'd like to visit Galli's website and see more of his incredible work, his website is The Galli painting featured above is entitled "Zarpe", which means 'the last one'.
...We love you Galli!


Anonymous said...

WOW his work is awesome. He has a studio in Jaco? I'd like to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

TICA MACHA said...

Nope, he doesn't need a studio. People seek him out for his work.
He enjoys surfing and living the Pura Vida life.