Saturday, May 24

Fit to be Tied

There once was a time when IF I didn't have Internet, I would have been on the phone immediately to Racsa/Cable Tica to find out what the problem was. I guess the years living here has mellowed me and I've accepted the 'Pura Vida' way of getting things done, waiting. This last time my Internet went out completely on Sunday, I didn't call until Wednesday to see if it was MY Internet or everyone's Internet. It was just me and they did fix it. Had I not called, I probably still wouldn't have Internet. You can become too passive living here waiting for things to happen on 'Pura Vida' time.

I've been busy doing a little rennovating. Nothing major but my project has caused a chain reaction. I'm expecting a guest again and wanted to get bars installed on the windows in that bedroom. Stupid me, I thought I'd change out the windows in that room and then I'd get bars. Well, I've decided only to change the one window with the a/c and buy a new split unit a/c. I was told they would come install the window at 8 am on Friday so I stayed around the house, waiting, missing the open market on Friday. I wasn't just twittling my thumbs while waiting, I was sanding the window frames, staining the wood, scraping paint from the rain leaking in and repairing, painting, that sort of thing. It took most of the day and still no window guys. Not even a call. I called to see what happen and of course, no one knew. So I wait.

That's how it is here when you have work done here. Rarely, if ever, has anyone ever come and did the work when they said they would do it. Customer service is still sort of a novelty here. Folks are 'muy amable', mind you. They just are on a different time frame. When I do get it, like when I went to see about getting the new air conditioner, it is like winning the lottery. The guy remembered me from over three years ago and still had my phone number on his cell. He recalled exactly what unit I had purchased and at what cost. The service I received from LG in Jaco three years ago was so awesome, there is no way I would buy an a/c from anyone other than them. Totally unexpected and very much appreciated. Pura Vida.


Anonymous said...

Guess the look on the monkey's face says it all!
Pura Vida.

TICA MACHA said...

Yep, it's all coming back to me, the two years I spent fixing my house. I don't think I will ever be completely DONE.
I have a car now, my internet is working, and the glass guys did show up the next day.
I just don't have water now.
Always something but then you know all about that having lived here.
Oh well, Pura Vida!
It's a great life in Costa Rica, regardless. Teri