Sunday, May 4

Sunrise Sunday

The last time I went up the mountain in front of my house, I couldn't get my car turned around because it kept stalling. Mountains are tricky to me (I'm from the 'flatlands') and I was terrified of not having power and rolling over the side of this huge mountain. It's a long way down and I had all my dogs with me.
This morning, after a long wait for the car parts and getting my car fixed, me and the dogs go up the mountain for sunrise. THREE lights came on my car this time but I did get turned around and made it back home. Car problems in Costa Rica can be very frustrating....(you would know what I mean if you live here and have them, it's not the same as in the States by a long shot).
Thank you God for the beautiful sunrise and regardless, I still love living here.

Postnote: I called my mechanic and he is coming out to my house to check on my car. Now, like I said, it can be frustrating having car problems in Costa Rica but where in the world does a mechanic come to your home on a Sunday (with a broken ankle) to check your car? I made my 'almost famous' chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies for him and his family. I am so grateful.


The B family said...

How scary! I can't imagine these mountain roads with a stick shift and a car that keeps stalling.
Love the beautiful shots of the country.

Peggy said...

My stomach sinks just thinking of car problems on those mountains. I was scared when your car was working fine!

So sorry about all the car issues! What a major major PAIN!

TICA MACHA said...

Remember, the car went in overnight while you were here, well, since then (Feb), I really haven't had a car and when I did, it had problems. This time it was a cataylic converter and yesterday when he came out to my house, he thinks it's something with the alternator. Poco por poco.
Good thing I bought a new heavy-duty battery recently cause I'm driving the car to the shop today on a bum alternator. Hopefully, I can make it to the shop on it's charge.
Oh well, it's gotta end at some point and I'll be ready to do the mountains again!! I'm beginning to get 'cabin fever'!!