Sunday, May 25

First Annual Jaco Arts Festival

It was a great day for an art festival in Jaco today.

The festival will be continuing throughout next week. The weather was perfect and many families were there, enjoying the shows, activities and art.
This is Luis on the left painting a tropical sunset with his fingers. He paints on three different layers of glass and stacks them as he paints. I have this little sunset at my house now. This photo was taken when he first started painting it. It turned out BEAUTIFUL!!

I just love this sort of stuff so I'll be back to take more photos. For the Tica Macha Tour of today's art festival photos
'Click here'. Once you get to Flicker, you can watch the slide show of the festival.


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Anonymous said...

What fun! Good reason to come to Jacó - it just won't stop raining here in Escazú!!!