Saturday, May 17


This is my first Costa Rican doll. I bought her when I first visited here in 2000. She stays with all the other stuff animals until Christmas when I bring them all out to celebrate. I know it's silly to keep stuff animals at my age but believe me, I only kept a few to bring to Costa Rica. The others that didn't make it here were put in a spare bedroom during the yard sales for the children to play with while their mothers browsed. I gave every child a special stuff animal I had saved for years. The extra special, special ones live here now.

I call this one "Machita" (little Macha). I saw her in Orotina at the market and could not resist buying her. With those blue eyes and blond hair, she looks very Spaniard. She's porcelain and stays in her box until Christmastime.
You would think Barbie would be popular here but I can tell you from experience, they like Bratz dolls. We had a Christmas party for the kids and bought Barbies for them. We could only find blond Barbies in the stores. They like Bratz dolls. Oh well.

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