Monday, May 12

"Isn't She Lovely....."

I'm not sure if she's a he or a she but you probably know the song so just hum along. He was posing for me outside the fence in the amapola (hibiscus) bush. He let me get about a foot away from him so I got some really close-up shots with my normal lens.

I am desperately trying to teach my dogs not to catch the iguanas that end up on the pups side of the fence. It's a daily challenge and I've rescued many, many iguanas now. The last one didn't make it and he was dying (internal injuries) so I went across the street where the construction worker's tin shacks (dirt floors) are set up and asked one of the Nicos (from Nicaragua) if they ate iguanas (I knew the answer). A big smile came over his face and he followed me back to retrieve the iguana. I felt real bad for the iguana but what to do??!! I don't want to encourage anyone to eat iguanas, I love them, but I really didn't know what else to do with him besides to place him by the river. The ground is like rock now so burying the iguana was out of the question. I scolded the dogs PROFUSELY so maybe this won't happen again. Maybe....
Here's a photo of the one that didn't get away...He was big and beautiful but didn't stand a chance against the dogs. BAD DOGS!@!!#@&%!! The marks are from the dogs. He was truly beautiful and perfect BEFORE. MUZZLES!


PhotoArtWorks said...

That's interesting, Teri---I didn't know they ate them. Dogs will be dogs: on a farm, they love to chase chickens but, where you are, maybe lizards are the dog's sport.

sHaWna in Costa Rica baby! said...

Beautiful shots. Especially the first one. I love how crisp his eye is. The "verde" is vibrant. Great photography!