Friday, May 9

To Be Free

Being an American, I take freedom for granted. As long as I don't owe anyone, live in my own domain, and I have a car, I feel free. Real simple. Lately, I have had a taste of what many, many Ticos experience their entire lives, not having a car. They get by somehow and I'm trying real hard to do the same. Pura Vida.


Anonymous said...

Living without a car would be much simpler and less expensive in the long run, I'll bet... but I don't know if I could do it! In my family, especially for the women, a car = freedom.

I remember buying my first car, a blue toyota station wagon. I thought, "No matter what, I can live in this car." That's how my mind works: worst case scenario.

TICA MACHA said...

My first car was a hatchback VEGA, give you any idea how many YEARS (decades) ago THAT was!!
I have saved SO much money not having a car. Besides the gas expense, I've realized I don't NEED half the things I thought I did. It's been since Feb. my car has been on the blink so I am getting a little stressed about it.
Pura Vida, even this too shall pass.