Saturday, May 3

My Best Buds Back Home

I moved to Costa Rica in October of 2002. My good friends, John and Alfie, got together eight other friends and came to see me (and the "flora and fauna") for my first Thanksgiving living in Costa Rica (no CR doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving). They sung "it's getting hot in here, I have to take my clothes off" the whole trip. My cheeks hurt from laughing.
It was only for a few days but what a blast we had. John is the life of the party and always keeps everyone laughing with his antics and jokes.
They thought I had gotten too skinny the one month I'd been here so they went out and bought me a microwave and rice cooker. I didn't bring much with me, just my clothes and my animals. I shipped my stuff much, much later, after I bought my house. I had such a good time with them here, I'm ready for them to come back!! I love you guys!

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