Thursday, February 8


This is Kim and I, ten years later from the last time we saw each other. Her and her new hubby came to Costa Rica to meet with her sister in Pavones and visit me. Jaco (me) was to be the first leg of the trip but when I told her I was too sick to come get her at the airport, they did the Pavones (her sister) part first. Just knowing SHE MADE IT to Costa Rica,
made me happy.
I completed my antibiotics and was starting to feel better. She called from Dominical and said they were getting a ride to Quepos and that's where we hooked up, Wacky Wanda's. Seeing Kim again was like time had stood still.
She is still the same Kim and I was reminded how much I really do miss her.
Of course, we reminisced the good ole days when we were the BBB's (Bass Boat Babes). I had inherited my dad's tournament bass boat and us girls put it to good use every weekend at Keewayden Island and the Snook Inn. Oh! what fun. We terriorized the other boaters not knowing what channel markers and boating etiquette was all about. Sandbar Queens!
It was like no time had passed except now, she was sporting a new husband. A perfect one, too!
Kim and Keith, THEY ARE the perfect couple. The Yin and Yang. I felt like I'd known Keith for years.
I didn't get to show her my "secret paradise" but they did see where I live and get a taste of my life here. As far as "party like the old days", well, being on the last leg of the trip, they were party-pooped already! It was just as well, I enjoyed visiting with her again. During our traveling time from Quepos (she was amazed at the two bridges around Parrita) and to the airport, we got all caught up. I can't wait for them to come back. They were even hinting about one day living here too! Of course, I would just love that.
What is it about living in Costa Rica that we want everyone to come enjoy our life too?
In Naples, we did have a saying... "If you love Naples, don't tell anyone".


Adam said...

Hi Teri

Adam in Dominical, where the Kim and Keith show passed through. Good times, it was sad to see them go, but better for my overall health I think....hahaha. Maybe I'll see you sometime in Jaco, and say 'Hi', again.


TICA MACHA said...

Yea, too bad all their enthusiam can't be bottled and bought. They were pooped by the time they got here.
Let me know when you plan to head this way and I'll roll out the red carpet. Cheers, Teri